Frequent questions

Below are some of the questions we get asked the most. You can contact us if you need further clarification or more information.

How do I register with Shalom Health Recruitment?

The registration process is very comprehensive, registering could not be easier – to make an appointment please contact our recruitment team on 01268 206 191, 07305 064 270 or download and complete our form which can be found here.

What can I expect from working for Shalom Health Recruitment Healthcare?

We provide services to NHS Hospitals, private hospitals, PCT’s and other healthcare providers. Agency work is driven by service user demand and so availability can vary from season-to-season and regionally. Agency nurses and carers are booked by our service users usually to cover anything from a short /long term, adhoc, last minute bookings and requirement other vacant posts. Our Recruitment consultants work very hard to secure the best assignments for you.

Can you accept mandatory training I have done through another organisation?

Shalom can only accept training which is affiliated with the CSTF Skills for Health framework and this must be verified by the training provider, however we would confirm this when we see your certificates. Shalom accepts The Health and Safety Groups’ ‘Skills for Health’ CSTF Mandatory + Statutory Training Course. Please also see HSG Participating Agencies link. Your certificates can be shared with us via The Healthcare Certificate Register.

How can I make sure that I am in a good position to maximise my opportunities?

To ensure you get work you have to constantly update your availability with us once you are registered. It is also important to talk to and build a rapport with the consultants that are responsible for shift allocations.

Do you provide transport to your staff?

No, it is your responsibility to travel to the shift by the required start time.

How will I know what I should get paid?

Our pay rates are given to you by our consultants at the time of booking.

How do I get paid?

We operate a weekly payroll. In order to get paid, you must complete a timesheet (available from your consultant) It is important that you print your name clearly on the timesheet, the name of the service user, the hours that you have worked (less breaks) and the grade or band that you have worked as. The timesheet can only be agreed by an authorised signatory at the service user’s establishment.

Where do I send my timesheet?

All timesheets must be emailed, faxed or posted to our payroll department. Timesheets must reach our payroll team by no later than 12 noon on Monday to be paid that Friday.

How do I get my payslip?

Payslips are sent by email a day before you get paid.

How do the pay run cut-offs work?

If your timesheet reaches us by 12 noon on a Monday, you will be paid for all shifts up to the previous Sunday night.

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